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Tool Advisor is a resource for all businesses, who want to be sure that they are benefiting from the latest, most pertinent and independently generated data available anywhere.

Regardless of the size of your business; if you have choices to make regarding the types of tools your employees require on a wide range of jobs; our data will be invaluable.

If you need to be sure that the job you are tackling has the most appropriate tools allocated to it: we can give you the inside word.

HAVi has been generating this data for ten years, and, in keeping with our ethos of commitment to empowering businesses, we want to make this wealth of knowledge available to the people to whom it matters most.

Our mission has always been to help you make the right decisions ...... the right decisions about tools for the job, the right decisions for procuring what you need and ultimately, the right decisions about protecting your most important asset – your people!

At Tool Advisor you’re not only getting the benefit of ten years worth of data collection and collation in the field, but you also see what the individual manufacturers have to say. Adding to this, the comments made by those who have been using the tools themselves, we are sure you’ll agree that there is nowhere else that has this depth of insight ....... and it’s completely free of charge!

Our HAVi Total software system has held data about tens of thousands of tools to help companies like yours manage every aspect of HAV. The data keeps coming and we are able to add it to Tool Advisor as soon as it appears. That peerless database is now at your disposal; presented in such a way as to provide access to what you need quickly and effortlessly, in the knowledge that there is nothing more current and up to the minute.

Whether you’re assembling a collection of tools to meet specific needs, looking for feedback or advice, or simply seeking the latest and most precise specifications. Look no further than Tool Advisor – it’s all here.

You’re welcome.

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