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Titan Percussion Drill 230-240v Titan Percussion Drill 230-240v Model Number: TTB276DRL In-use data available The Titan TTB276DRL percussion drill is a high performance power tool that's excellent value for money. With a power output of 850W, it's ideal for drilling in masonry, wood and steel, and comes with two speed settings. The tool also comes supplied with a metal depth gauge for increased accuracy, as well as an auxiliary handle with a soft-grip for comfort. The aluminium gearbox means the Titan TTB276DRL is durable yet still lightweight and the lock on/off switch makes it convenient and easy to use. Compare View Product Titan SDS+ Drill 230-240v Titan SDS+ Drill 230-240v Model Number: TTB278SDS Supplied with a 9-piece accessory kit, this Titan TTB278SDS SDS Plus drill comes complete with everything you need to put its impressive power straight to work. The accessory kit contains five drill bits, ranging from 6mm-14mm, and two chisels in flat and point heads. Driving them is a powerful 1500W motor delivering a maximum hammer power of 8J. All that power can drive 32mm diameter holes through masonry or 40mm holes through wood while an anti-vibration system means you can work in comfort. Compare View Product Titan Breaker 230v Titan Breaker 230v Model Number: TTB280DRH In-use data available With a maximum impact energy of 45J, the Titan TTB280DRH breaker is both highly effective and excellent value for money. The fan-cooled motor reduces wear and tear on the item, extending its lifespan. With both a flat and pointed chisel included as standard, this breaker can be used on a variety of surfaces and for a range of needs. The metal gearbox is tough and durable, meaning it won’t be sensitive to damage from extended use. This Titan breaker comes with a carry case, allowing you to store and transpor Compare View Product Titan 254mm Table Saw 230-240v Titan 254mm Table Saw 230-240v Model Number: TTB674TAS Powder-coated table saw with adjustable aluminium stop rails for accurate cuts. Features a magnifying glass with numerical scale and connections for a dust extractor. Extends on 2 sides for added support. Supplied with saw blade cover, push stick and holder, blade wrench, dust extraction hose and adapter. Compare View Product Titan Reciprocating Saw 240v Titan Reciprocating Saw 240v Model Number: TTB533RSP Powerful saw for cutting wood and steel with tool-free blade change and pendulum action. Features fan-cooled motor and deadman's switch. Supplied with wood-cutting blade and hex key. Compare View Product Titan 204mm Planer Thicknesser 230v Titan 204mm Planer Thicknesser 230v Model Number: TTB579PLN Compact yet powerful planer thicknesser. Jointer makes the wood board edge straight, planer makes the wood board surface flat and to the desired width and thickness. Supplied with vacuum adaptor to connect with suitable vacuum cleaner for dust collection, promoting a clean and safe work area. Compare View Product Titan 200mm Bench Grinder 240v Titan 200mm Bench Grinder 240v Model Number: TTB521GRB Powerful, cast aluminium bench grinder with adjustable tool rests and eye shields for safety. Includes LED work light for precise work in tight areas. Compare View Product Titan SDS+ Hammer Drill Titan SDS+ Hammer Drill Model Number: TTB631SDS In-use data available An intensely powerful motor and a wide range of bundled accessories makes this Titan TTB631SDS SDS Plus hammer drill one of the most versatile tools of its kind. Included in the kit are 22 drill bits, including 14 6-20mm masonry bits, five TiN-coated bits, and three chisels: pointed, flat and U-shaped. All these are driven by a 1500W motor which generates 8J of impact energy. Despite its powerful output, the tool's anti-vibration system means that you can still use it in comfort. Compare View Product Titan 9 Angle Grinder Titan 9" Angle Grinder Model Number: TTB283GRD Powerful grinder with adjustable guard, trigger switch and rotating rear handle. Supplied with masonry grinding disc and carry case. Compare View Product Titan 4½ Angle Grinder Titan 4½" Angle Grinder Model Number: TTB281GRD Great value for money, compact and powerful grinder with adjustable guard and soft-grip handle. Extremely versatile, suitable for tile and metal cutting, mortar raking and other tasks. Supplied with metal cutting disc and carry case. Compare View Product Titan 5 Angle Grinder Titan 5" Angle Grinder Model Number: TTB602GRD Powerful, variable speed angle grinder with tool-free adjustable cutting and grinding guards. Supplied with metal cutting disc. Compare View Product Titan Breaker 230 - 240v Titan Breaker 230 - 240v Model Number: TTB570DRH Weighing in at under 4kg, the Titan TTB570DRH breaker is a lightweight yet powerful tool. This makes it ultra-portable and comfortable to handle for extended work periods. Two chisels are provided, and the tool comes with 12 pre-set chisel positions, as well as a lock-on switch for ease of use. A fan-cooled motor allows you to use the 5J impact energy tool for as long as necessary without it overheating, while essential components are protected by a sturdy aluminium gearbox. Compare View Product Titan Router 240v Titan Router 240v Model Number: TTB591ROU Powerful router with aluminium base and lock-off switch. Features variable speed for greater control. Supplied with 3 x guides and ¼" collet adapting for¼" accessories. Compare View Product Titan Pressure Washer Titan Pressure Washer Model Number: TTB669PRW Wheeled pressure washer with aluminium pump and automatic motor stop. Supplied with quick connect compact, telescopic handle for easy storage, turbo lance and patio cleaner for multiple uses. Compare View Product Titan Pressure Washer Titan Pressure Washer Model Number: TTB670PRW Wheeled pressure washer with aluminium pump and automatic motor stop. Supplied with spray gun and extension lance. Compare View Product
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