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Eisenblätter Surface Polisher Eisenblätter Surface Polisher Model Number: POLY-PTX 800 In-use data available From the inventor of the linear grinding machine. More power for the original. Our multipurpose linear grinder now with even more power. 1750-watt output, speed control, ergonomic design and extremely versatile – even for working widths of up to 150 mm. High torque and power reserves guarantee a professional service life and improved economy. Compare View Product Eisenblätter Angle Grinder Eisenblätter Angle Grinder Model Number: VARILEX® WSF 1800 Ideal for working with flap, roughing and cutting discs. Ideal machine to make the most of high performance flap discs such as the TRIMFIX® HellFire®, TRIMFIX® BLACK MAMBA® and MAGNUM® Cool Top® 8: To unlock their full potential. Compare View Product Eisenblätter Pipe Belt Grinder/Polisher Eisenblätter Pipe Belt Grinder/Polisher Model Number: PIPE-MAX® Machine Practical machine set for coarse grinding to industrial finish on pipes, comes in a durable transport box with handle. For perfect grinding and polishing on open and closed pipe constructions. Uniform finishes regardless of whether the pipe is larger or small. Compare View Product Eisenblätter Belt Sander Eisenblätter Belt Sander Model Number: GLADIUS® 1800 Machine De-rusting, removal of scale and cleaning of surfaces in the shortest possible time without rounding edges. Hollow constructions can be ground out due to the unique shape of the Gladius. Large contact surface produces perfect, uniform flat grinding and provides for perfect deburring of the highest quality at a wide variety of angles (facet grinding). Even round rods can be given smooth surfaces in the shortest possible time. Compare View Product
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